Wednesday, June 17, 2009


what did i just do?!?!?!

its official. the fall is shaping up as a real endurance challenge. here is what it looks like so far:

september 13th ironman in madison
october 4th twin cities marathon
october 24th the north face endurance challenge


In 2009, The North Face® Endurance Challenge again welcomes you to run farther than you ever have. Whether you're an aspiring 10K trail runner or an elite ultramarathoner looking to boost your performance, The North Face® Endurance Challenge holds something meaningful for you. Every Endurance Challenge event offers four epic courses: 10K, Half Marathon, 50K, and 50-Mile. Explore your potential.

this is exactly what im going to do. ive wanted to run an ultra marathon for a while and yesterday at work i swapped my triathlete magazine for a coworkers running times magazine. flipping through it i came upon the full page ad that is full of people running through harsh trails and in bold letters it says:
five opportunities ro run your self-doubt into the ground.

i saw they had a race in madison. i asked my family what they thought of me adding another race in madison a month after the ironman and they gave me the go ahead. (they are seriously the most supportive family an athlete could have!) two minutes after reading the ad i was on the phone with my coach and he thought i would definitely be able to finish. he said "well im training you to go aerobic for 11 hours so it will be hard but it wont be a problem" i thanked him and hung up. five minutes after seeing the ad i was signing up!

FIFTY. the big 5-0! im running 50 miles through singletrack trails outside of madison. now i just need to assemble a support crew. anyone wanna go?

oh yeah its been slow comming but ive got two race reports on the way!

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