Thursday, March 13, 2008


steve tagged me a while back so now i need to list 7 random things about myself.

i hate cheating. i love being competitive and succeeding but only if its done fairly and with good sportsmanship. i dont mind losing as long as the competition is fair. i will even cheer for my opponents when they do well. but i will never ever cheat.

i eat gas-x before long runs. not because i fart when i run but because my stomach sometimes gets bloated. when that happens i wish i could fart then i wouldnt have to buy gas-x. ironic huh!

i cry. often. not from pain but from movies and the news. oh and watching the ironman on tv.

no one has ever loved anyone as much as i love my daughter. not ever.

people often think im gay. theres just something about me i guess. maybe if i didnt cry at movies like the notebook....

ive been vegan for more than 12 years.

on nearly every workout i imagine that im winning. its probably the only time i will.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

buster martin kicks ass

yes my promised new update is on its way but i couldnt wait to post this news clip. at 101 buster martin spends his days kicking ass, drinking beer then kicking more ass. oh yeah he is also about to be the oldest person to EVER complete a marathon. and back in the day his "boys" were obviously great swimmers. did i mention that he kicks ass?watch buster

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

long time

its been nearly a month since my last post but im still here! i promise a new post in the very near future. here are some teasers in the i ended up in the e.r. after a swim workout, my top secret project that has kept me holed away in my basement and how it will make me faster this year, 7 random facts abut myself, and last but definitely not least, how much my daughter kicked ass in her very first usatf track meet!!!! all that and more comming up on "my ambition". (yeah i stole your line david)