Thursday, March 13, 2008


steve tagged me a while back so now i need to list 7 random things about myself.

i hate cheating. i love being competitive and succeeding but only if its done fairly and with good sportsmanship. i dont mind losing as long as the competition is fair. i will even cheer for my opponents when they do well. but i will never ever cheat.

i eat gas-x before long runs. not because i fart when i run but because my stomach sometimes gets bloated. when that happens i wish i could fart then i wouldnt have to buy gas-x. ironic huh!

i cry. often. not from pain but from movies and the news. oh and watching the ironman on tv.

no one has ever loved anyone as much as i love my daughter. not ever.

people often think im gay. theres just something about me i guess. maybe if i didnt cry at movies like the notebook....

ive been vegan for more than 12 years.

on nearly every workout i imagine that im winning. its probably the only time i will.


Steve Stenzel said...

Gas X? I should try that!!

Not a hipster said...

I should try that too....even though I'm not a runner.

Just sayin'.