Friday, September 4, 2009

the plan

for anyone interested my race number is 623!

i spoke on the phone with coach david last night and he gave me a quick outline for my race day pacing. then he sent me this email with a bit more detailed information:


Here are my recommendations for you based on looking at your available data.

- Start out in the front on the swim. Get in the water at least 5 min before and get your head wet before the gun goes off. Remember to not go anaerobic at any point in the swim, you'll have to go by feel on this, but arms should not be burning at any time.
- The first 10 minutes on the bike your HR will be all over the place. Try to not exceed 20 mph on the flats for the first 10 minutes. After that, keep your HR at 150+/- 5 beats for next 20 miles. If you are on pace or ahead of pace for a sub 6 hour ride, jump to 155 +/- 5 beats for the next 60 miles. If you are behind pace for a sub 6, after 25 miles, go to 159 +/- 5 for the duration of the ride (high risk/high reward), but I think you'll be on pace. The final 30 miles should be at 159 +/- 5 beats. Resist the temptation to "crush" the bike, remember the marathon and the overall goal of sub 11 hours. I have no doubt that you could pull off a 5.5 hour ride, but I'd rather you did a 5:50 and a sub 11 overall than a 5:30 and a 4.5 hour marathon.
- As discussed, there is great risk if you spend time over 168 beats on the bike. If you are out of gears, there is nothing more you can do, but even in the hills use all of your gears before you have to hammer.
- On the run, start out at 9:00-minute miles regardless of whether you are on track or not for your 11 hour goal. You'll just make it worse if you go out too hard. Your last long brick was a 8:35 off of the bike for an hour, so this should be a good pace. I would avoid walking for at least 6 miles until you have a better idea of your pace. After 6 miles, begin to increase the pace and consider walking some portions of the aid stations, but be careful not to get dependent on them.

You're going to do great!


holy crap can i remember all that?! im going to have to write that down and tape it to my bike!

im insanely excited already. i dont even know how im going to sleep saturday night before the race.