Tuesday, February 10, 2009

high school boys are insecure and gross!

I'm annoyed. This morning I went to the y to do my swim workout before work and there was a high school boys swim team working out in the pool. There were a couple open lanes so no big deal. The problem was that they finished just before I did and headed off to the showers. I decided to give them some time to clear out so I sat in the hot tub for a few minutes. After about 10 minutes I figured there would be an open shower and headed into the locker room. There were about 30 guys standing around in the showers waiting for an open spot. All of them still had their suits on. How do they expect to get clean when they don't even get undressed? Seriously get over it. If you are scared for someone to see you naked then don't go out for a sport where you need to shower with teammates afterwards. Now this doesn't mean that I'm itching to see a bunch of high school boys naked I'm just amazed at their insecurities.

Now here is the gross part. One of these kids was standing in the shower all sudsy (with his suit on of course) and he was eating what looked to be a ham and cheese sandwich. WTF?!? Who eats a sandwich in the shower? In the locker room shower! Ugh! Trust me.....there are better places to eat. Just because there is soap involved doesn't mean that a locker room shower is a sanitary place to enjoy a meal.

I must say as an aside that this isn't the most disgusting eating habbit I have seen. Many years ago I had a coworker who every single day would spend his first break standing in the bathroom eating a can of tuna with a fork. Read that again and let it sink in. In between bites he would strike up a conversation with anyone within earshot even if they were in a stall. Who wants to have a perfectly good crap interrupted by a guy with a mouthful of tuna?

Anyways bak to my morning. The high school kids took so long in the showers that it made me late for work. I'm going to have to figure out their schedule so I can get in and out before them.


cdnhollywood said...

All I can say is that I was unable to find a good image to illustrate just how hard I was laughing at this!

Anonymous said...

Those damn hs kids! Might be worth calling the coach or gym to find out.

FYI...if I don't eat within 15 I won't make it through a work out.

dr_toxic said...

You could be the snack guy. You could trade a dumpstered bagel and dumpstered Naked Juice for a shower spot.

Anonymous said...

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