Thursday, February 7, 2008

running does a mind good.

its currently snowing outside my office window and i desperately want to go for a run. there is something about running that i find immensely therapeutic. regardless of whats going wrong in my day it can easily be fixed by lacing up my shoes and pounding out some miles. running fixes everything. and for some reason i love running in the snow and rain. the greatest run i ever ran was last summer while training for the marathon. it was a 20 miler in a light rain. i only passed two other runners the entire time but for those few seconds that we made eye contact and said hello we were best friends in the unexplainable way that only runners understand.

i also find that i am in awe of how fast elite runners can breeze through a race but i am not that inspired by them. i draw the most inspiration from the overweight and out of shape runners i pass who are drenched with sweat and panting as if their next breath will be their last. but as slow as they may be....they are running. and that kicks ass.


cdnhollywood said...

Running in snow/rain/sleet brings out something primal - it's like Man vs. The Elements or something.

As for running in the snow, it can be very tranquil. Love it.

We're supposed to get more snow here in Ottawa. If all goes well, I'll strap on the snowshoes and hit the trails for a run.

Enjoy the snow!

Nate P said...

what do you guys wear on your feet when you run in the snow? I would think that my feet would get cold in my running shoes.

trimybest said...

good question. i wear my regular running shoes. if its below 30f i wear thicker socks and if i stick to that my feet never get cold.

thanks for reading!