Monday, April 28, 2008

my non race report

too bad i didnt receive this email before i drove 175 miles! im a little disappointed that i didnt get to race.

I regretfully had to cancel the Tinman Triathlon today. After
consulting with my superiors and some experts in the triathlon field, we
came to the decision that we couldn't safely pull it off. If it had
been just rain we would've handled it. If it had been just snow, we
could've still done something, but with the amount of snow we're getting
combined with the high winds and the distance participants would've had
to travel we ruled on the side of caution.

The event is NOT postponed, it is canceled. Those of you who
preregistered, although you will not be getting a refund of your money,
we will be mailing your t-shirts to you.

For everyone who was signed up to volunteer, you'll also be getting your
t-shirts. Just stop by the office of student activities sometime next
week and pick it up.

Corey Phelps
Intramural, Recreation and Club Sport Coordinator
Tinman Triathlon Coordinator

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Steve Stenzel said...

Dang. That stinks...