Sunday, January 18, 2009

its a beautiful day!

First off I can't seem to post photos; for some reason the icons are disabled. I have some great photos to post and I will as soon as the icons work.

My workouts have been fairly boring lately and its because they have all been indoors. Yuck! I don't like spinning on my trainer because I tend to watch the clock too much. I do at least entertain myself by playing video games, watching tv, reading or surfing the internet. Yeah I manage to surf the internet while biking! But I would much rather just listen to my ipod and pedal down the road for hours.

I have been swimming in a pool of course because the ice on the lakes makes swimming difficult. But I did manage to hurt myself the last time I was in the pool. Not too big a deal but on my first lap I went to stand up to adjust my goggles and I managed to kick the bottom of the pool and tore a chunk of skin off my big toe. It throbbed for most of my workout and still hurts a bit every time I take a step. So when I run I'm aware of my toe. Its not horrible but its an annoyance.

Running inside during the winter is both good and bad. It is nice to be able to run without losing traction on snow and ice which slows you down. And wearing shorts and a tshirt is way more comfortable than bundling up. But today I was determined to get outside since the temp is finally above zero! I was supposed to meet with friends for a run this morning but I didn't set my alarm correctly and overslept! Whoops! So instead I ran by myself. Nothing real amazing just 10k but it was my longest run since the begining of october when I ran the twin cities marathon. The weather was a perfect winter day. 20 degrees and snowing with no wind. The snow accumulating on the ground definitely slowed my pace but it felt great.

Now I'm watching the cardinals massacre the eagles in the nfc chanpionship game.

A snowy run and watching footall is definitely a great way to spend the day!

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