Wednesday, January 7, 2009

runnin in the dome

Last night I headed to the metrodome for some warm indoor running with my friend mike. I got there before he did and found a spot to stash my jacket and change into my running shoes. as I did that pharmie ran by so I decided to do a few easy laps with her. Mike showed up after a bit and joined us and somehow the few easy laps turned into a few miles! Pharmie finished her run then mike and I picked up the pace for 2 more miles when I decided too try and get in a quick stair workout. The only problem was that all the entrances to the stadium area were closed with large garbage cans blocking the doors. I somehow managed to find one that someone moved so that the door could be easily opened. (it wasnt me no one saw me do it and you can't prove anything!) I did several laps up and down the bleachers but had to dodge a lot garbage left behind from the vikings game on sunday. After the stairs I did a couple cool down laps with mike and headed home. Overall it was an easy laid back 5 miles filled with conversation.

Carly and baby are doing much better now! Check back soon to see a pic of the baby!


Pharmie said...

Hey great running with you! Glad I could provide some warm-up company! Glad Carly and the baby are doing better.

Brian said...

So, how is running in the Dome? Any better than the treadmill? Are the lines to the bathroom as long as they are for a Vikings game?

It's Brian (mrcheerordie) from the Tri-Talk forums page. I just created a new blog as well.

Good luck this season!