Wednesday, March 18, 2009

ive been busy!

well i havent been updating because ive been really busy but i thought id get in a quick update before i head off to bed! here is what ive been up to this week:

first off there is a new blog you should start reading! its by the cutest little triathlete in the history of the web! it my daughter's! she also has a funny story in a contest over at steves blog. she is the only kid in the bunch so stop by and cast your vote for the best (*ahem my daughters*) story!

also i got myself a sweet new toy. its a garmin forerunner 405. its awesome and im still learning how to use it effectively but the important thing is that i can upload sweet graphs of my heart rate data from my workouts everyday and send them to my coach. there is definitely no skipping workouts or slacking off without him knowing!

speaking of my is what David has me doing this week:

sunday~ i swam 2X1000 intervals with 2 minutes of rest. i was supposed to bike
afterwards but stuff came up so after consulting with my coach that got
moved to monday which means no rest day this week!

monday~ bike 2:45. i wanted to do this outside because it was so freaking nice out
but i ended up spinning on the trainer while watching movies.

tuesday~ a.m. swim :55 nothing hard just steady.
p.m. lift weights

wednesday~ a.m. run 1:15. i ended up going 10.13 miles
p.m. bike 1:00 with intervals every 5 minutes. i just finished about an
hour ago and im sleepy!

thursday~ swim as many 500yd intervals as i can in 1 hour. i get 30 seconds of rest
between them.

friday~ a.m. run 1:15 will i go farther than 10.13?
p.m. bike 1:30. an easy zone 1 ride.

saturday~ lift weights

sunday~ run/bike brick. :45 easy run then 3:00 steady state ride. im excited about
this one!

well thats my week. i also have to work 40 hours and make family time and if there is any time leftover then i get to sleep! which is what im about to do!



Brian said...

7:30 pace on the run...very nice. You should have run the 10-miler around Lake Harriet last Saturday!

Jen Rife said...

Wow - That's one busy week! Good luck with all your training. Sounds like you've been doing great so far!

Borsch said...

wow...busy week! And we aren't even in the peak of the season.

Happy dreams

Brian said...

Where's the Garmin readouts? Where are the graphs!?!? I expect daily postings? I mean, I can't I have to live through someone else! Let's get a move on here! ;)

trimybest said...

ok Brian....i will start posting garmin graphs starting sunday! i have been meaning to but lately ive been posting from my cellphone at work!