Monday, March 23, 2009

my weekend

this weekend we packed up the family and headed out of town for our baby shower!

here are my girls looking pretty at the shower.

i had big plans for my workouts. on saturday i lifted weights. ive never lifted weights up north in sebeka where our family lives so i had to do a bit of research. i broke out my google phone and quickly found the wadena community center.

i slept in until 8!(im usually up by 5 to do my workouts) and headed to the gym. saturday was the start of my maximum strength phase which means that im supposed to do as much weight as i can for 3 reps and 3 sets. i surprised myself with how strong my legs are! the gym was awesome in the typical small town kind of way. when i walked in i had to wait around for a few minutes before the woman who worked there to come out from the back where she was checking on her baby sleeping in the office. i paid my $4 and she pointed out the locker room and the weight room and i was on my way. there was only a high school boy lifting weights but he finished right as i started. i brought my ipod to listen to as i usually do but put it back since the gym supplied their own music. i pumped iron while listening to 80's rock! sweet! i usually love to hit the hot tub after lifting weights but they didnt have one so instead i headed off to the sauna. that was it for my saturday workout.

sunday was meant to be my big day. David had decided to move my workouts around a bit so my plan was:

:45 run zone 1
3:00 bike zone 2
swim 10X100 followed by drills to total :45

thats 4.5 hours! a half hour short of my half ironman goal. it was also a weird backwards triathlon if you hadn't noticed.

well the run was painfully slow! i have a freaky high heart rate and its really hard to keep it down while running. i only ran 4.5 miles. ridiculously slow for me.

i immediately changed and headed out for my ride. (the highways in this area have really wide shoulders that are smooth and great for biking. ive ridden many centuries through the farmlands there.) the wind had really picked up during my run and i thought it would be challenging for my ride. i took off and kept an eye on my hr to make sure i didnt go above my zone 2. i also kept an eye on my speed which stayed right about 20mph. i was thinking it should be faster but the wind was pretty strong so i didnt feel too bad about that. it seemed that with every mile the wind got stronger and stronger. i was being blown all over the place and actually got blown off the road a few times. after 10 miles i had had enough. i simply didnt feel safe. i was literally leaning hard into the wind just to stay upright. i turned around and headed back. i only rode 60 minutes and 19.5 miles out of my 3 hour ride. i was really disappointed. i checked the weather report and the wind was 26 miles an hour with gusts up to 40! i called David and told him about it and ate a quick lunch before heading off for my swim.

once again i had consulted my google phone to find the nearest lap pool. ive never swam anywhere but the lakes while up there so i had no idea where to go. i found out that the closest lap pool was in Perham. 50 miles away! so off i went. i was soon at the Perham community center.

it was a nice place which apparently is also the home pool for the high school. there was a banner celebrating a local kid who recently won state in the 100m butterfly! i did my workout and sat in the hot tub before heading back. along the way i spoke to David about my rearranged workout schedule for this week since my ride was shortened.

so that was my weekend. it was great seeing family. my new workout week starts tomorrow with my 3 hour ride. depending on the weather i may be doing it inside. (im not a baby about riding in the rain but my bike is! she is too pretty.)

either way i will post my garmin data for brian. i promised to do it on this post but i messed it up! i accidentally left the gps on when i drove to the pool after my bike! the data is all funky looking.

also congratulations to my daughter anastasia for her contest on steve's blog. you can read about it on her blog tomorrow!


Jen Rife said...

Way to stick to your plan and get all your workouts in! I don't think I would have driven 50 miles for a pool workout!

Adam Beston said...

Does the baby come before the race. Our first is 3 months and I have just gotten back into the right feeling of training again. Luckily the bike is all that feels weak. Keep up the good work.