Sunday, May 10, 2009

happy mothers day!

Happy mothers day! we have much to celebrate this year! our baby is officially due in 5 days! it could come any time now and we are so very excited. i hope its not born late. i cant take waiting much more. i am anxious to meet our son/daughter! (we wanted to be surprised so we never found out!)
it wont be long before i forget what a good nights sleep feels like and i know i will cherish every exhausted sleep deprived minute!

the most beautiful mother

be sure to check back soon? for updates!


Brian said...

Jeremy...I should just get your e-mail so we can exchange thoughts! I'm at All my best for the baby! I bet you have some cool tr-related names picked out...Chrissie? Chris?

Anyway, I've never done the Liberty. If I can get back to running I am going to give it serious thought. Depends on what happens this coming Sat (5/16) at the Park Rapids tri.

Hey, just off a 13.5 mile TT on the bike...22.2 MPH per the Garmin! It's coming along!

carly said...

you are so very sweet! and thank you for all of your support over the past few(stressful)days. i love you.

blueocean said...

i love you and i had fun helping you take pics and taking pics with my own cam!

Jen Rife said...

What a beautiful picture! An early congrats to you and your family! How does Carly feel about you training for Ironman right now?! Sounds like you're going to be very busy these next few months!

trimybest said...

as long as i do all my chores i can do my workouts! :O) im sure i will have to get creative with my scheduling when the baby is born.

Adam Beston said...

I got lucky as our baby was born 5 months ago in the dead of winter. Best of luck with the sleep. At least you have some experience and hopefully some support. I had all my nutrition stuff in the birth bag so I could stay alert the whole time.