Friday, May 29, 2009

sleep? whats that?

whew its been a long week! after westin was born i didnt workout a single bit for a week! thats freakishly long. i anticipated taking a few days off but not a whole week. what happened was westin was born on tuesday and we went home from the hospital on thursday. when we left the hospital he had a moderate case of jaundice just like most babies but his was a little high. a nurse came out to our house the next day to follow up on his jaundice levels and they had almost doubled overnight! he ended up gettin readmitted to the hospital for two more days. how stressful! thankfully he is fine now! we came home from the hospital on sunday evening.

so on monday i finally got to workout! i went for a run and felt great. on tuesday i had to bike for an hour. because i spent most of the day cleaning and taking care to the baby i didnt get to start my workout until 10:30 pm! ive never started a workout so late. i did my workout on the trainer while watching episodes of arrested development. thanks hulu! i knew i would have to be a little creative when scheduling my workouts but didnt think i would have to do it that late!

yesterday i had a really fun workout. my coach had me do a race simulation for my upcoming olympic races. there was no swim but i had to do the bike and run at race pace. i got to workout in the afternoon this time! i loaded up my stuff and headed out the door. i parked at the monument next to the river at the end of summit st in saint paul. i felt tired from all the middle of the night diaper changes and feedings this week so i loaded up my bottle with a caffeinated electrolyte drink. i set up my transition area in the back of our minivan and hopped on my bike. i rode the entire 40k up and down west river road. it was awesome! i rode a fairly consistent pace and finished the bike in 1:10. thats a 21.3 mph average. im hoping to be better than that when i get on a closed race course. i threw my bike in the van, put on my running shoes and headed down the running path. i felt tired but finished my first mile in 7:12. i was hoping to be a bit faster but i was happy with that. my second mile was a few seconds slower then i glanced at the time and realized that if i ran the whole 10k then i would be late picking up my daughter from school! so i turned around and headed back. i finished with a 7:23 pace and felt great even though i was so freaking hot! as long as i hold these paces in my races then i will finish around 2:24. that would be a pr!

ive got two chances in the next 3 weeks and im excited! im doing the buffalo olympic on the 7th then the following weekend im doing the liberty olympic! ive never done two olympic races like that so im looking forward to it and ive got friends in both races! if you come you will get to meet Westin!

see you there!


carly said...

2 out of 3. that's how many times you misspelled your son's name. you didn't lose THAT much sleep.

Jen Rife said...

Ugh! A 10:30pm workout?! I don't know that I would have done that. Good for you for getting the work done!

P.S. HUGE LOL for Carly's comment! Hilarious!

Pharmie said...

See you this weekend!