Friday, May 1, 2009


lately ive been having some cramping in my right calf. it sucks. i finally went out and picked up some 2XU compression calf guards.

sexy or geeky? i think we all know the answer to that one! i wore them on my hour long run this evening. they definitely helped a lot! it reduced my crampy calf to a mild dull ache that didnt show up until the last few minutes of my run. they were comfortable except my leg hair made them a bit itchy at times but even that was minor. once i shave my legs that wont be an issue. i even wore them for a while after the run to head out to run some errands but i wore pants so i wouldnt look like a total nerd! i feel they definitely helped for short term recovery. if you have any calf issues i would definitely recommend picking some up!


Brian said...

I had this all last far this year the issue has not come back. Last year I did the compression hose but most importantly...strengthened the muscle. Gotta do the stair risers. Others:

Also, just got this yesterday to help with my Achilles/Heel area. Helps to stretch the calf also.

carly said...

damn you for getting these so late in my pregnancy.. i definitely could have borrowed them to reduce some swelling of my own.

and yeah, when will you be shaving those legs? they're getting pretty scratchy under the covers! ;)

Borsch said...

Awesome! I'm getting apair!

Jen Rife said...

Very cool - I've got these too and LOVE them!

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