Sunday, April 5, 2009

first 5k!

yesterday i ran a 5k with my daughter! it was her first. she won entry to a charities challenge race from a contest she entered on steve's blog.
its a good thing it was a 5k because i got very little sleep. i went to a coworkers birthday party and didnt get home until after midnight. i also had to make a late run to buy some "purple gatorade" due to a pregnancy craving! i finally got to sleep around 1 am and woke up at 6 so i could cook breakfast for anastasia.

the race was at como lake which is only a mile from our house. we showed up and got registered.

here we are after registering

carly and anastasia headed inside to stay warm and i helped set up the finish line and sound system. before long it was time to start!

we took off and i had to keep reminding her to slow her pace because she was wanting to pass everyone. we took in the lake scenery and wildlife. we saw a bald eagle, geese, two kinds of ducks, a muskrat and a bear!

sir, look out for that bear!

she was going strong at the halfway point

on the second lap she started getting a little tired but never stopped to walk. once we got into sight of the finish she started picking up the pace and finished strong!

here are the mile splits:
mile 1 9:34
mile 2 9:31
mile 3 10:05
.1 mile 1:06

total 30:18

the official results arent posted yet but looking at past results she managed to do something i have never done. she set a course record for her age group!

we had such a great time together! to celebrate her first 5k we went to izzy's for some ice cream.

hey she has way more than i do!

after enjoying our ice cream the girls headed to the mall and i headed to the gym to do my workout. i had to swim 45 minutes followed by weight lifting. we ended our day by renting a movie to watch after dinner but i passed out on the couch halfway through it. it was a fantastic day!

be sure to stop by her blog later to congratulate her!

now im following several friends at new orleans 70.3! go get 'em athletes!


blueocean said...

thanks for writing about me! LOVE,ANASTASIA!

Borsch said...

what an awesome day!

carly said...

yeah, our kid is pretty awesome!

ps. i checked the text history and despite what you claim, i did NOT ask for "purple gatorade".. it clearly says "grape"!

i suppose next time you'll accuse me of calling kool-aid "juice".

Steve Stenzel said...

That's great! What a little runner you have there!!!